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A paradigm shift is taking place in the financial world. As countries continue to become more connected through technology, scarce digital currencies operating on decentralized rails are proving to be strong alternatives to paper money, which has lost its scarcity entirely.

Aurum Capital Ventures, a pioneer in the digital currency mining industry, provides forward-thinking investors with secure access to this emerging space through highly-efficient hashrate infrastructure. Confidently invest in a proven process that incorporates modular facilities and stranded renewable energy in order to extract scarce digital currencies.

Aurum is like the AWS for digital currencies

By securing and extracting scarce digital currencies like Bitcoin, Aurum is advancing the digital currency powered “internet of money".

In the 1991 whitepaper, “How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document” , authors Stuart Harber and Scott Stornett introduced the theory of using a highly-advanced computational process, along with a publicly viewable ledger system, to bring trust to digital value transfer. The core component of their system is hashrate; the digital commodity that powers the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin mining is the purest definition of work, rewarding those who can produce a watt of energy and sell it efficiently at scale. A widely held belief is that hashrate is poised to become the largest financial derivative market in the world, enabling energy to be sold globally to the most efficient operators. 

On its own, hashrate is a raw, unrefined commodity. Its value comes from submitting shares to the network with the goal of mining blocks and thus being awarded compensation for further securing the blockchain. The key components to being an efficient hashrate operator come down to power rate, construction cost, deployment speed, and operational efficiency. Founded in 2016, Aurum Capital Ventures has developed a highly-profitable strategy derived from twelve successful hashrate facility deployments.

We want to be your partner in digital currency investing

Leading the way in institutional infrastructure for digital currency mining

Aurum’s mission is to set the trajectory for the rest of the industry rather than react to competitors. By introducing debt-financing and insured yield products to enable financial freedom through Blockchain technology, Aurum continues to advance the space.

The blockchain energy revolution

In 2019, U.S. energy production exceeded consumption on a consecutive basis for the first time since 1957. This was heavily driven by an improper incentive system built around tax credits rather than efficient energy production. Digital currency mining is a synergistic component of profitable, clean energy creation, by providing innovative solutions to historic problems such as demand response and renewable intermittency.

We want to be your partner in digital currency investing

Executive Team

A seasoned team of digital currency mining, IT infrastructure, traditional finance, and energy veterans.


John Paul Baric

Founder& CEO

John Paul first invested in Bitcoin in 2014 and has been pioneering the digital currency mining space for over five years. He has led twelve digital currency mining deployments to successful completion in locations such as North Carolina, New York, Iowa, and California


Ronald Huff

Chief Financial Officer

Ron has over 20 years of finance and operating experience and has raised over $800+ million in total financings. He has served on several boards of both public and private corporations as the “financial expert” and has been CFO for multiple large energy companies including the National Oil Company of Trinidad & Tobago.


Zac Safron

Chief Marketing Officer

Zac a Bitcoin investor since 2015, has deep expertise and relationships in the digital currency mining industry. He’s been featured in digital asset summits across the world and has participated as a keynote speaker to discuss the institutionalization of the digital currency mining space. 


Jack Z. Sherman

Chief Relations Officer

Over his career, Jack has built an elite base of political, commercial, and individual contacts throughout the world. He uses these contacts and his 30+ years in financing energy projects to provide global development for Aurum by introducing the company to industry-leading energy and financial institutions globally.


Mayna Lee

Chief of Staff

Mayna has over 10 years of experience leading, managing, and supporting operational excellence. Prior to Aurum Capital Ventures, she was the Chief of Staff for a wastewater technology company and also brings forth previous industry experience in civil engineering, commercial brokerage, higher education, and hospitality. She has joined the team to implement strategic operational improvements and restructuring, along with executive-level assistance to support the expansive growth of the company.


Alexandra Compton

Director of Operations

Alexandra Compton is an avid Bitcoiner with a breadth of experience in operations and executive support. Before joining Aurum Capital Ventures, she was a Chief of Staff at WeWork and the Business Director at Studio Dror, an award-winning New York– based architecture, product design and urban planning firm. Alexandra has experience scaling operations and organizational infrastructure and brings a passion for supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Investors & Advisors

focuses on best-in-class security, tax preparation, and investor relations.

aurum headshots-12

Daniel Kauffman

Director of Strategy for Siemens
President at Terracel Energy
Former Field Engineer for Schlumberger
MEM & BSE (Duke University); MBA (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)

aurum headshots-10

Mathew Hunsucker

 Principal at QR Capital,
 Managed an $800M commercial mortgage portfolio and completed over $1.2B in lease transactions on industrial and residential mortgage assets

aurum headshots-13

Karthik Rammohan

Portfolio Manager at ENGIE Resources Assists Aurum in navigating in the ERCOT power market.
aurum headshots-11

Dr. Alessandro Ciacchini

Financial advisor to major technology and finance companies globally.

aurum headshots-09

Brian Bolcar

P.E. Portfolio Manager at North Carolina Department of State Treasurer

We want to be your partner in digital currency investing

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